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We’re here to help… At YWCA Hamilton we are committed to offering the very best in customer service. If you have a complaint, we encourage you to let us know and give us the opportunity to resolve the issue. We promise to address your complaint quickly, efficiently, and professionally, as retaining your confidence and trust is of the utmost importance. We truly value your feedback. Please tell us what happened using the form below.

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YWCA Hamilton's policy requires the complainant to speak directly to the person or department with whom he/she has the complaint. If you do not feel safe to speak with the person please speak directly to their Supervisor within 10 working days of the incident or concern. If you are not satisfied with the response of the Supervisor to your complaint, you can speak to the Manager of that department or use this form to put your complaint in writing. The information that you provide using this form will be used to resolve your complaint. By using this form you understand that we collect personal information. The personal information that we collect includes: Your full name, E-mail address, Phone number, and Address. All complaints submitted using this form will be reviewed and a response will be received within 10 working days. Please note, this may also involve redirecting your complaint to another person or department better suited to meet your needs.

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