Why Volunteer for YWCA Hamilton?
Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to give back to the community and meet new people. By volunteering with YWCA Hamilton, you make an impact on the lives of the women and girls that we serve. Volunteers are an integral and valuable part of the organization and are treated with respect and dignity. Our volunteers are ambassadors in the community and embody our vision, mission and values. It is important that all volunteers identify with and strive to achieve the vision, mission and value statements that are listed below. 

Vision Statement
Women and girls have the rights, resources and opportunities to shape their own lives and define their communities.

Mission Statement
YWCA Hamilton strengthens women’s and girls’ voices, broadens their choices, builds dynamic leadership and provides essential and meaningful services that promote safe, inclusive, and equitable communities.

Value Statements

We root our work in the strengths and achievements of feminism and recognize that an investment in girls and women builds a stronger future for everyone.

We respect and support women’s and girls’ choices to build better futures for themselves and their families.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion to address the ever-changing needs of our communities.

We work in community and partnership with local, national and international movements and organizations to achieve equity and justice for women and girls.

We are responsible and accountable to the people and communities we serve.