Third Party Events


Why host a community event?

When you plan a community event that supports YWCA Hamilton, you help us continue our rich legacy of providing essential and meaningful services for women, girls, and their families. Many of YWCA Hamilton’s programs are funded solely through the generous efforts of community members like you. All the funds raised through community events remain within the organization. 
Since 1889, YWCA Hamilton has responded to the needs of women and children in our community. We are the largest women’s organization in the city, continually offering our support to hundreds of women, girls, and their families. By supporting YWCA Hamilton, you’re helping to make the work we do possible. Your contributions help us provide many essential programs and services, including: 
  • Providing shelter for women escaping domestic violence, poverty, or homelessness
  • Providing meals to women in our Transitional Housing Program or children in our child care services
  • Funding programs that teach women the skills they need to become employed or start their own businesses
  • Supporting programming for young female leaders, newcomers, seniors, or people with intellectual delays 

By hosting a YWCA Hamilton community event, you’re helping to make a difference in your own community. You’re becoming part of a solution. We can’t do it without you.

Types of Events



Talent show, Benefit concert, Battle of the bands,
Karaoke night, Comedy show, Theatre production


Garage/yard, specific item (cookbook, etc.), arts and crafts, services (shoe shine, car wash, etc.), bake sale, BBQ, retail store or restaurant promotions (i.e. donating % of bill)

Party or Festival

Gala, picnic, dinner/dance, carnivals, themed party, wine and cheese evening
Pool, board games, card games, sports, trivia, a-thons (e.g. walk, dance, bowl, skip rope, yoga, bike/spin)


Silent auction, live auction, drives (bottles, loose change, clothing, etc.), celebrity autograph/photo opportunity, dress-down day, donations in lieu of gifts (e.g. birthday, wedding, etc.)

Steps to plan your event

1. Form a planning committee

Assign specific tasks to each committee member and share the workload.

2. Fundraising goals

Determine your objectives and goals for the event. Be sure to make them measurable.

3. Budget 

Create a budget. Try to keep event expenses at no more than 20% of gross revenue.

4. Determine your audience

Who will participate in your event? The answer to this question will help guide you when promoting your event. 

5. Submit a community event proposal form

Download and complete the YWCA Hamilton Community Event proposal form for approval. 

Community Event Application Form - PDF

6. Choose a date/time/venue

Set realistic dates and times to ensure maximum preparation and planning time. Recruit volunteers if needed.

7. Permits, legal, insurance, etc.

Determine whether your event warrants permits or other requirements. Obtain them if necessary.

8. Promote your event

Here are some ways to promote your even: News releases; PSA, email campaigns, YWCA website, event posters, social media, etc.

9. Finally, THANK your participants and recognize your supporters!


Useful resources:

To download the Community Events Application Form and Planning Guide in PDF, click the buttons below:

 Application Form

Planning Guide


Checklist of event application process

I have read the Community Event Planning Guide

I have completed and submitted the Community Event Application form

I have spoken with the YWCA Hamilton Special Events and Community Fundraising Coordinator about my event ideas and have received approval

I have applied for all permits/licenses/insurance necessary for my event

I have documented and submitted all donor information including full mailing address and contact information for charitable tax receipting purposes to YWCA Hamilton (Please see application form for full details)


Your YWCA Representative:

Mirela Marceta,
Development Coordinator
Special Events & Community Fundraising
T: (905) 522-9922 x171