Resources for Current Volunteers

The Volunteer Policy and recruitment procedures are in place to support, nurture and
further the rich history of volunteerism at YWCA Hamilton.
Volunteers have been involved in almost every area of activity since YWCA Hamilton was founded. YWCA Hamilton continues to attract people with a range of backgrounds and skills, with a shared commitment to seeking equity for women, girls and their families. Volunteers work within an anti-racism and anti-oppression framework and culture of philanthropy towards achieving YWCA Hamilton’s mission, vision and strategic objectives.
The purpose of our Volunteer Program is to:
  • Recruit and maintain a committed team of diverse volunteers who are reflective of the broader community to support YWCA Hamilton staff to improve and extend service delivery.
  • Provide volunteers with the level of responsibilities and involvement that meet their expectations and provide fulfilling volunteering opportunities while maintaining a high level of service to our clients and members.

The contribution of volunteers remains vital to YWCA Hamilton’s operations. The organization recognizes and values the reciprocal nature of the relationship between YWCA Hamilton and individual volunteers and is committed to providing a volunteer program which both:

  • Supports YWCA Hamilton’s work, and
  • Meets the expectations of individual volunteers.

YWCA Hamilton’s Volunteer Program brings substantial benefit to:

  • Clients and members by providing them with a high level of service in a safe environment that ensures successful program outcomes and confidentiality.
  • Volunteers by providing them an avenue to: join a vibrant, creative organization with a great passion for its role in the struggle in achieving equity for women, girls and their families; and contribute their vast wealth of skills, experiences and knowledge to support women, girls and their families.
  • Staff by facilitating additional human resources to ensure we maintain a high level of service to YWCA Hamilton’s clients, members, stakeholders and the wider community.
  • Organization by bringing specialist advice and skills into the organization and through the provision of additional human resources in a wide variety of activities.
  • Community by providing an avenue for community participation in specific campaigns or the organization as a whole.
YWCA Hamilton’s Volunteer Program is being implemented to:
  • Complement staff expanding their reach and their efforts exponentially.
  • Increase ambassadors in the community.
  • Establish and sustain meaningful partnerships.
  • Participate in the organization’s concerted effort to effectively leverage the investment made in YWCA Hamilton’s services.
YWCA Hamilton values the contribution made by volunteers by acknowledging that volunteers:
  • Have a relationship with YWCA Hamilton that is reciprocal.
  • Exercise free choice in committing to YWCA Hamilton.
  • Are of equal status and deserve the same treatment and respect as paid employees, and that
  • YWCA Hamilton can expect the same standards of its volunteers as it expects of its paid employees.
  • Are not used to replace paid staff positions and only carry out work that they have agreed to.
  • Have written acknowledgment of their contribution in YWCA Hamilton’s documentation and recorded hours worked.
  • Receive a comprehensive training, for example:
    - Anti-racism and anti-oppression baseline orientation.
    - Accessibility for Ontarians living with disabilities (AODA) customer service standards.
    - Access to webinars, workshops and trainings offered by YWCA Hamilton in collaboration with partner agencies.
    - Are given clear policy guidelines and procedural information, recognition and support, including the provision of references if required.
    - Are reasonably accommodated in their work-related needs, as outlined in YWCA Hamilton`s Employment Equity Policy.
    - Have an opportunity for the development of skills and experiences.
    - Expand their relationship with YWCA Hamilton by becoming a member of the organization and potentially a member of the Board of Directors or one of its committees.
YWCA Hamilton’s volunteer policy is driven by our purpose stated above.
It is YWCA Hamilton’s policy that all volunteers are recruited, selected, developed, evaluated and promoted in a fair and equitable manner. Criteria for recruitment, selection and development of volunteers are reviewed regularly.
YWCA Hamilton is not opposed to recruiting volunteers of immediate family members of employees in full-time, part-time or volunteer positions, provided they suitably match existing position descriptions. It is not, however, recommended that family members work where the employee would have managerial authority or where there may be deemed to be in a conflict of interest.
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