Salamander - RC Swim Preschool

Salamander is the 2nd preschool level with out parents. Age requirement is 3-5yrs of age and has successfully completed Sea Otter.

Class is 30 minutes and runs for 10 weeks

Using games and activities, swimmers learn to swim 2 metres, further develop basic floats and increase their distance on front and back glide. Front swim and roll-over glides are also included, and swimmers learn appropriate water safety skills such as how to jump into chest-deep water and how to use a personal floation device(PFD).

  1. Swimmers are evaluated based on performance criteria and progress to Sunfish once all criteria have been successfully completed. 
September 16, 2018 until November 26, 2018
Mon: 6PM to 6:30PM
Sun: 9:30AM to 10AM
Sat: 2PM to 2:30PM
75 MacNab Street South