Whale- RC Swim Preschool

Whale is for ages 3-5 years of age and must have successfully completed Crocodile to enter this level.

This class is 30 minutes and runs for 10 weeks

Through fun activities, swimmers perform a front and back swim for 10 metres. Swimmers work on developing their flutter kick and perform a distance swim of 15 metres.

Safety skills include identifying safe swimming areas, jumping into deep-water, swimming 5 metres, suface support for 20 seconds and return to safety, throwing assists and sitting dives.

Swimmers are evaluated based on performance criteria and complete the Preschool program once all criteria have been achieved. children 6 yrs or older are ready to enter RC Kids Swim Level 3 at this time. 

April 9, 2018 until June 18, 2018
Sat: 1PM to 1:30PM
Tue: 7PM to 7:30PM
75 MacNab Street South