Temporary Changes to MacNab Fire Plan

Please note that beginning immediately and until the end of May, the North Exit  through the 2nd floor playground and North Exitthrough the Pool/Aquatic change room are not accessible due to an upcoming construction project. As a result, fire evacuation procedures will be amended as follows (appropriate signs will be posted):

·         5Rwill evacuate through the North or South Exits. If using the North Exit stairwell, instead of exiting through the 2nd floor playground, continue one floor down to the women’s change room on the right, follow the Exit Signs through the pool area into the main lobby.

·         Childcarewill evacuate through the North or South Exits; anyone on the playground will evacuate through an alternate interior Exit.

·         Gymnasiumwill evacuate through the South Exit to the main floor; if not accessible, the North Exit is to be used as a secondary option. If using the North Exit stairwell, users must descend to the main floor and follow signage pointing towards exit.

·         Pool/Aquaticchange rooms will Exit through the lobby area and main entrance doors.

All other areas are to evacuate the building as planned, using interior fire escape stairs to the main floor and out the nearest doors.

Please note that the fitness centre may exit through the Jackson street exit, as appropriate. This door will not be blocked during construction.

Appropriate signage will be posted in designated areas to avoid confusion in building evacuation.

Please feel free to connect with Sandra Shan SShan@ywcahamilton.org or Mylène Vincent MVincent@ywcahamilton.org should you have any questions regarding this temporary fire plan.

Sandra Shan

Human Resources Generalist

YWCA Hamilton