Women & Girls Services


YWCA Hamilton facilitates opportunities with enhanced services and supports for women & girls in our community.

For more information on programs for Women & Girls please contact (905) 522-9922.

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Good Beginnings

Good Beginnings is a volunteer assistance program available for mothers in Hamilton and the surrounding area with infants younger than 6 months of age. The program provides free in-home support for mothers to cope with challenges of having a new baby,  and / or for women who are at risk of Postpartum Depression. The program involves weekly in-home visits from a trained volunteer who can effectively support mothers for the first 6 months post-partum. If you know a mother whom you would like to refer to the program, please follow the link and instructions below.

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Link: https://secure.etosoftware.ca/Login.aspx?ETO=hamiltonywca
Username: gbprogram@ywcahamilton.org  
Password: ywca522
1. Click Log In with the information above
2. Click on Take a Survey
3. From the dropdown choose YWCA Good Beginnings Client Referral Form
4. Click Continue
5. Fill out the form
6. Click Submit. You should receive the message “Your Survey Information was SUBMITTED”
7. Please make sure to Log Off after you submit the information

Click here to download the flyer for this program.

For more information, please contact Liliana Figueredo at (905) 522 9922 ext. 310 or lfigueredo@ywcahamilton.org


Transitional Living Program

The Transitional Living Program provides safe and affordable temporary housing for up to eleven months for women at risk and struggling with the impact of poverty, homelessness and violence. The program offers a 65 bed residence for women, along with case management support, goal planning, skills building, employment support, supportive counseling and crisis intervention.

For More information about YWCA Hamilton’s Transitional Living Program, contact a Women's Advocate at ( 905)522-9922, ext. 114.

Advancing Women in Non-Traditional Occupations

This three year project focuses on the recruitment and retention of women in technology and manufacturing trades in Hamilton. We are currently recruiting women trained or currently employed in the skilled trades to participate in focus groups and surveys.

For more information, please contact Maisie Raymond-Brown, Director of Employment and Training Services at (905) 522-9922 ext. 151 or mrbrown@ywcahamilton.org